Baton Rouge gunman ambushed officers with ‘chilling, sheer brutality’

Official have drawn a detailed picture of the Sunday morning attack, and strengthened the gunman was a black separatist who advised pushing back

The man who killed three police officers in Baton Rouge was tactical in his crusades and shots and avoided civilians while targeting officers with cooling, sheer inhumanity, dominions said on Monday afternoon.

He was in shape, Colonel Mike Edmonson of Louisiana state police said at a news briefing, Edmonson squatting and providing his arms as though bracing an attack rifle. He was converged, he was articulate in all modes of engagement. Ill just leave it at that.

The three police officers shot dead in Louisiana were deliberately attacked, the authorities concerned said, by the gunman who carried two semi-automatic rifles and a pistol.

One of the officers was first wounded, then killed as he lay on the dirt. A sheriffs representative was killed after leaving blanket to assist that officer.

Three men were injured on Monday one, Corporal Nicholas Tullier, remained in critical condition after being shot in the intelligence and torso. Another man, deputy Bruce Simmons, faced the second largest of numerous reconstructive surgeries after being shot in the arm.

Officials described the details of the picture of what happened on Sunday morning, with aerial photos, photographs of the weapons, and security video at an afternoon press instruct. Col Edmonson strengthened the gunman was Gavin Long, a black separatist identified by media on Sunday who in online posts had advised African Americans to fight back against repression by law enforcement.

Edmonson said Long was from Missouri and has now come to Baton Rouge, where an African American soul, Alton Sterling, was killed by police officers earlier this month. He could not prove was pointed out that Long had also been in Dallas, the point of a recent shooting in which five police officers were killed.

We have him in several orientations, he said.

Two Baton Rouge officers, Montrell Jackson, 32, and 41 -year-old Matthew Gerald, were shot and killed. Sheriffs deputy Brad Garafola, 45, was killed after leaving blanket behind a dumpster and going to their aid.

Long then moved around the neighboring convenience store where sheriffs representative Nicholas Tullier had pulled up in his prowl car. Long approached and shot him through the window, agents said, shooting him in the intelligence and torso. Sheriff SidGautreaux said 41 -year-old Tullier remains under exceedingly, very critical provision on Monday afternoon.

Another officer, Bruce Simmons, could be heard on his radio telling the dispatcher calmly: Im stumbled. Left arm. Gautreaux said here hurts were extensive, smashing the bone from his elbow to his shoulder.

Edmonson presented to the press still likeness from surveillance video of the shooting, which he said demo the cooling, sheer inhumanity of a planned and methodical attempt by Long, a former US marine who carried two AR-1 5-style rifles and a 9.9 mm handgun. Police were investigating the provenance of the guns.

The gunman was killed by a long-distance shooting from a member of the Baton Rouge police Swat team, men said. Police chief Carl Dabadie honoured the shooting, which he said is a prime example of militarized tactics which have been criticised by demonstrators against perceived police inhumanity.

It was a hell of a shot, Dabadie said.

Were up against a patrol that is not playing by the rules, he said. Our militarized tactics, as the objective is being announced, saved lives.

Gautreaux reinforced Dabadies sentence. You cant understand the shooting they took, he said. They had to shoot through a structure and take the subject down.

Edmonson said Long had been in Baton Rouge for several days, but that questions still remain as to his exact incitements. Why did he come to Baton Rouge? Why did he come to this point? Edmonson said. Was it because police officers frequent this point in the morning, going their coffee, washing their vehicles?

Long, who had had participated in Iraq, carried out his attack on the morning of his 29 th birthday. He left behind a route of incoherent online posts railing at perceived unfairness against black Americans.

Long described himself in paperwork filed to local authorities as a member of a periphery radical called the Washitaw Nation of Muurs, a progressive Moorish splinter group of the so-called sovereign citizens shift. Online he applied the pseudonym Cosmo Setepenra, an seeming reference to Pharaoh Ramses II, whose imperial refers included Setep-en-Ra.

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